TIS Electrics provides a low-cost, highly efficient maintenance and service program. We will clean light fixtures and replace lamps at regular intervals, and do minor electrical
repairs - total solutions to optimize your system's performance while minimizing maintenance costs.

The benefits are numerous - brighter, more consistent light and improved appearance of furnishings and merchandise. Having cleaner fixtures results in increased light output, which positively affects the productivity of employees and can dramatically lower maintenance costs. Group relamping is one of the most important aspects of maintenance.

When light levels fall below acceptable safety standards and spot replacements prove too costly, a group relamp is the most cost- effective alternative. When you change all of the lamps at once, you have a more consistent replacement schedule. Therefore, you will know when the burnouts are going to happen so you can relamp before they occur. Your maintenance then becomes budgeted, controlled and, most importantly, a predicted expense.
Scheduled group relamping involves calculating the average remaining life of the lamps and the corresponding lamp lumen depreciation. We can offer light level analysis before and after work is performed to ensure that you get the most light output for your dollars - and that your costs always meet your specifications.


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