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Appliance Test and Tag is the core service provided for workplace electrical safety that involves visual inspection and Testing of anything and everything on your premises that plugs into a Power Point. This includes computers, monitors, personal phone chargers, kettles, microwaves, coffee machines, extension leads, power boards, portable lighting, heaters, fans and anything else you can think of with a 240v plug on it.

After each item is Tested a TIS bar-coded label is attached to the lead of the appliance with a date, this being the Tag. This provides you with a visual reference on the appliance and the bar-code is scanned on future visits to record the history of the Testing of the appliance or device. The Testing results are stored on our in-house software to produce compliance reports and determine when the next test for that appliance should occur. Under the published standards the next test can be from 6 months to 5 years away depending on the appliance and its usage.

As not all devices need to be tested every visit, TIS will correctly schedule testing of only those devices that require re- testing which can save you money over lesser operators who may charge you to test all devices regardless each time they visit. TIS technicians can test up to 25 appliances per hour, minimising downtime and avoiding disruption ensuring a cost-effective turnaround for your business.
To further save you money we recommend that you review and remove any redundant electrical items such as old computers and monitors that you intend to dispose of before we visit. Also encourage staff who have personal appliances such as phone/tablet chargers not being used to take them home as by law our staff will be required to test these if they find them on a desk.

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