Appliance Test and Tag

Appliance Test and Tag is the core service provided for workplace electrical safety that involves visual inspection and Testing of anything and everything on your premises that plugs into a Power Point. This includes computers, monitors, personal phone chargers, kettles, microwaves, coffee machines, extension leads, power boards, portable lighting, heaters, fans and anything else you can think of with a 240v plug on it.

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Safety Switch Testing

A Safety Switch is a life saving device that can either be fixed and located in your switchboard, or portable for use in various locations.Safety Switches can sometimes be called RCD's (Residual Current Device). They are designed to detect any disruption to the electrical flow through the electrical circuit, and to switch the power off should a disruption normally associated with electric shock or electrocution be detected.

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Thermal Imaging

Thermography or infrared thermal imaging is the most cost-effective method in determining faults in all electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment for industrial, commercial and domestic businesses.Furthermore, it has an increasing application for domestic properties and can quickly and accurately identify structural issues and problems with buildings and can identify faults with heating, lighting and electrical systems and appliances, which are not visible to the naked eye.

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Microwave Leakage Testing

Lack of cleanliness and poor maintenance of the door seals can lead to leakage levels in excess of the recommended limit.

We offer a microwave oven leakage and safety testing service to compliment our appliance testing & tagging, which can be carried out at the same time. We are able to test both consumer and industrial microwaves.

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