Thermal Image camera detecting hot spots on a switchboard

Thermography or infrared thermal imaging is the most cost-effective method in determining faults in all electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment for industrial, commercial and domestic businesses.Furthermore, it has an increasing application for domestic properties and can quickly and accurately identify structural issues and problems with buildings and can identify faults with heating, lighting and electrical systems and appliances, which are not visible to the naked eye.

Thermal Imaging technology has also revolutionised the approach to preventitive maintenance. By pro-active early identification of potentially serious faults before they have a chance to fail, infrared thermography prevents sudden and costly disruption to critical operational and production systems by allowing repairs to be scheduled at a time which is convenient to everyone.

A thermographic survey of an electrical switchboard for example will reveal in seconds the location of any component with abnormal temperatures which may result in a fire, equipment failure or compromise staff health and safety.

With over 30 years electrical experience, TIS Electrics is one of the leading suppliers of specialist thermographic services within the Victoria. We have no commercial relationships with any manufacturers or suppliers and can therefore guarantee  independent advice and guidance to meet your individual requirements.

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