Image of TIS Test and Tag Appliance device and cord with TIS Tag

Save time and money with all your appliance Test, Tag, Scheduling and Record keeping required to meet OH&S/Worksafe electrical safety compliance in your workplace.

TIS thermal imaging camera testing

Using thermal imagining technology TIS can find hot spots and potentially overloaded circuits that could cause damage or total destruction of your premises.

Image of a RCD or Safety Switch

Safety(RCD) Switches save lives, fuses save wires, therefore it is important to have RCD's installed and regularly tested to ensure they work when needed.

TIS Microwave Leakage Testing

Microwave Leakage Testing. In the Kitchen or staff room, make sure the microwaves are staying inside the oven.

TIS Electrics provides a full range of workplace electrical safety services to Corporate, Retail and Government offices and buildings in a professional and cost effective manner to ease the pressure of OH&S compliance from your business.

 TIS Electrics is committed to ensuring all work is completed in a timely and professional manner and is compliant to Australian standards. Our team of professional and qualified staff in the field and our office are all dedicated to providing exceptional quality and service. Enjoy the experience and savings of dealing direct with the people who actually provide the whole service.  

Our In-house software maintains all in field testing results and produces the reports needed for you to show compliance to OH&S/Worksafe requirements. Our software tracks the schedule of testing of your appliances ensuring you are only paying for testing of devices when they need to be tested as per the published standards. If you need to budget, TIS can help you forecast your upcoming expenditure for the year on electrical safety compliance.

 Our experience and length of time in the industry means our staff come ready to work on your premises, in most cases, with all the relevant police checks, government induction and authorisations in place. We are covered by various Public and Professional Insurance policies  for piece of mind.


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TIS provide workplace electrical safety services across metropolitan and regional areas for all your business or government premises.